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  • Mike 1 year ago

    Petition to get this chick a real dick for at least one video god damn she has so much potential and its just getting wasted with these fake-ass weird videos.

    • After checking the whole Internet for a video of her being fucked with a real cock (it was difficult to find, I started to think that maybe she was virgin LOL)
      I could only find one.

      • There are a couple. She does anal in another video but both of these are so boring that I have no problem sticking to POV stuff. At least her POV is sexy and exciting.

      • Justin 2 months ago

        You get her name bro?

  • james 1 year ago

    This is so god damn weird…

  • Bobby 1 year ago

    Has anyone see any good pics of her pussy?

  • mickey 1 year ago

    ?????she needs to get fucked!!! Really.