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  • John 1 year ago

    Where do you find other free videos of her?

  • Joe Doe 1 year ago

    Porn is fantasy. This is NOT fantasy. This is borderline rape and violent rape at that. Men striking women in the face and choking to the point of them saying it’s hurting them is not attractive and has no business in porn. That’s why James Deen is being blacklisted, because he is guilty of this same thing and women like Kayden Kross are putting a stop to it.
    End of rant…

    • lol fuck off cunt

    • Juicy 1 year ago

      All vids on this site are FANTASY. Get off ur PC high-horse. Instead of ranting like a douche, just provide feedback like “i only like vids where both the brother & sister actors seem to want the sex”,etc.

      • Joe Doe 1 year ago

        Aside from calling me a douche & arguing that I’m on a PC high-horse, you have a point that there are some who enjoy this type of fantasy. Your argument was tainted as soon as you attacked me for giving an opinion. Way to go, tough person.

        • Juicy 1 year ago

          I call all my friends douches from time to time, so don’t think of it as an attack. I called out ur PCness due to the fact ur were bringing a real life possible legal situation into the comments of this weird vid. Most vids I’ve seen here don’t have this much face slapping, and actresses ‘pretending’ it’s hurting, etc, so you were definitely on to something until you went on ur rant.

  • ehh too fucked up for me.

  • michel 1 year ago

    Love the way shes fucked standing up

  • She is nice. I support that hard fuck! She needs it almost everyday. This video need only more spit!