Dad Daughter Porn

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  • fuck off with ads and disable ad block…all your content is stolen you ignorant fuck


    • Incester

      i have a suggestion for you.. why don’t you buy this site and run without ads?. mate , i also don’t want these annoying ads.but to keep this site alive i have to put this. to serve you free contents.as you can see now contents are not hosted on free sites like xvideos,,,CDN is costing more money than we are making..please try to understand the problem..i have one another option to shut this site down.

  • Paco 1 year ago

    Man fuck the retards that insult you and call you greedy, just ignore them and put the ads. You know there are a lot of us that love the site and won´t care about it.

  • DigBick 1 year ago

    No problem with the ads, you can keep the ads

  • Sand 1 year ago

    i just want to say it s ok for me do what you need to do for keeping the site alive
    you did a great job

  • James James 1 year ago

    Ads are fine just keep doing whatever keeps the site running.

  • amrit 1 year ago

    Dont shut this site man, dont listen to these assholes, put the ads its no problem for us.

  • lelennyace 1 year ago


  • Dantexxx 1 year ago

    Thank u sher or mam 🙂

  • DigBick 1 year ago

    to the assholes that are complaining about the ads, neverr saw anyone of you protesting against the ads they show on youtube before a video

  • Joe Doe 1 year ago

    But all of a sudden adfly is gone. Weird.