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  • Dont shut it down man, you are the only man who provide us with all the best videos free pf cost. Do anything just dont shut it down.

  • Badass 11 months ago

    Name please?

  • notmyemail 11 months ago

    Dont shut it down man, you are the only man who provide us with all the best videos free pf cost. Do anything just dont shut it down. i agree

  • Amlelrlol 11 months ago

    I would gladly pay 10-20 bucks a month for this.
    How about setting up a premium option with no ads?

  • honestly i don’t believe the insane amount of ads don’t cover the hosting of this website… where is it all going?!?!
    but if it is indeed true a premium option without spammy ads would probably cover it

    • incester 11 months ago

      Videos were hosted on xvideos earlier,it was free.but they are deleting account one by one .so we hosted videos on CDN.. and charge is USD1.5/MBPS .. i hope you can calculate the charge.

  • Rubencc1922 11 months ago

    What are adfly adds ?

  • Go premium membership? Ads are fine as long as the site loads without any issue. especially on mobiles.

  • Anonomon 11 months ago

    I’d rather deal with more ads than lose the best source for these kind of videos.

  • Badass 11 months ago

    Don’t shut down do what ever u have to just don’t shut down please

  • Jimbeam 11 months ago

    Get adfly, then have an option for a premium membership. I’d pay $15 a month.

  • I will die if this site shuts down

  • don't shut down 11 months ago

    Look if you guys have to put adfly ads on to stay up and running then do it. you guys are the only people i know of that let people watch high quality adult videos for free and a premium that would allow u to go ad free would be nice. i mean if u guys have to put adfly ads on here it won’t be the end of the world. Though only do it if u really aren’t making enough money to keep the sight up.

  • We all deal with ads now so im sure we can deal with adfly

  • Felipe 11 months ago

    Don’t shut down pleasee

  • DigBick 11 months ago

    I don’t care about the ads
    Don’t shut it down

  • Man put the adfly ads. 10 per video if you want, but don´t shut down the web please!

  • Dontdoit 11 months ago

    Yeah I don’t ever pay for sites but if you add a premium option this will definitely be the first. Either way adfly works too just don’t drop it!

  • Adfly is fine. It’s only 5 seconds which is not that bad. I would also get rid of content after so many days and not enough likes. Not sure how many vids are on here, but I think I’ve seen vids repeat on here. Just a thought.

  • person 11 months ago

    2. put adlfy ads. best website plz dont shutdown

  • Don’t shut down, do anything. PLS.

  • I’m pretty cool with adfly ads if you have to.

  • BEE TEE 10 months ago

    This is porn star, Mia Khalifa. Also, ads are fine as long as site stays up…if it’s only option, then please do it this way. Thank you, sir.