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  • F1shkill2020 2 years ago

    – Title: Dava Foxx 【Stingy Mom Get’s What She Has Coming】
    – Studio: BareBackStudios
    – Scene I: Dava Foxx 【Breaking The Ice】
    – Scene I Synopsis: My StepMom Dava Foxx & I R on vacation in Vegas. She drinks & gambles all night long leaving me alone to play video games in the lobby. She didn’t give me much money & it ran out so fast. I ask her for more & she gives me a dirty look. “I’m not giving U more money, what do I look like a bank?”… She spits at me. I get so angry. We’re on vacation & all she thinks about is herself. I slap her right across her bitchy face. “What’s wrong with U!”… She screams at me. I reach out & grab her tits, I’ve seen her slide money down there before. “What’s wrong with U… U can’t do that to Ur StepMom!”… She pulls away from me. “Leave me alone right now!”… I chase her around the hotel room demanding she give me money, throwing her to the bed & pinning her down. I’m bigger & stronger than she is, pulling off her dress looking for where she hides her money.
    – Scene II: Dava Foxx 【Suck It, StepMom】
    – Scene II Synopsis: Her squirming underneath me turns me on. I pull down her bra & play with her tits again. StepMom Dava Foxx doesn’t know what to do as I grope her body. I’m so hard now & I can’t get into any more trouble than I’m already in, so StepMom’s going to suck my dick. She screams in protest. “R U happy? U got what U wanted, U sick boy”… She says in disgust. I make her keep sucking, keep pleasing me. If I can’t have fun with video games… I can have fun with her. She threatens me & tells me Dad’s going to find out, but I shut her up with my cock in her throat. “God, U’re disgusting”… She yells.
    – Scene III: Dava Foxx 【Creampies R StepMom’s Favorite】
    – Scene III Synopsis: I know deep down she likes being treated like a slut. I’ve seen her with my Dad & heard what a good little whore she is. I slap her tight little ass dressed in her cute lacy black panties. I yank them off of her & pull her to the edge of the bed. My hard wet cock finds her pussy & it feels so good slamming my anger into her. I’ve been mad at her for Yrs & now I get to show her what it feels like to get fucked over. “Eww, I can’t even look it’s so disgusting”… She says, covering up her breasts & feeling the shame of her StepSon’s cock filling her. “U’re not putting that in my mouth”… She looks down at her pussy juices all over my dick. I make her clean me & taste her disgusting shame. I make her look at me as I use her body like a cum sock. Just using her. “Hurry up & get it over with”… She says. StepMom Dava Foxx knows the only way for me to stop is for me to cum. She gets on top of me & rides me, taking control & trying to get me to cum as fast as she can. But I’m not going to let her get away that easy. “U’re never doing this to me again” She yells. I thrust in her again & again til her pussy oozing with cum. “Did U just cum in Ur StepMom’s pussy?”… She screams. “God… That’s disgusting”… She can feel it pouring out of her & making her feel so dirty. “Get out of the room now!”…

  • Fakes 2 years ago

    Wait she says she brought him to this world

    Anyways, all that for $5 would’ve expected him to want at least a 20