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  • F1shkill2020 2 years ago

    – Title: Emma Hix & Serene Siren 【Following In Mom’s Footsteps】
    – Studio: MommysGirl
    – Synopsis: Serene Siren & her StepDaughter, Emma Hix, enter a hotel room together. They’re both hotel cleaners, although it’s clear by Emma Hix’s whining that she’d rather be doing anything else but work. However, Serene Siren’s exasperated & insistent since Emma Hix needs to start taking responsibility for herself, starting with this job! Emma Hix’s going to be going to college soon & THIS will be her spending money! Emma Hix reluctantly follows her StepMom’s instructions as she works around the room, but it isn’t long B4 her mischievous side takes over when she spots a discarded bra. She happily takes the bra & puts it on, teasing Serene Siren with it & trying to make her look. Isn’t she cute?? Serene Siren is mortified & tries to get Emma Hix to behave herself, worried that she’ll get fired if anyone catches Emma Hix messing around. Yet, she has to admit that the bra DOES look cute on Emma Hix… Of course… Once Emma Hix sees this moment of weakness, she pounces. She knows Serene Siren secretly has the hots for her, but would never act on it. Now that she has Serene Siren alone, though, it’s time to get HER to be just as mischievous & bold. Although it takes some effort, Serene Siren eventually gives in, admitting that maybe it WOULD be fun to let loose… Even just this once… Emma Hix takes the lead & eases Serene Siren into the sensual encounter by playing with her heaving breasts & sharing light kisses. As Serene Siren becomes more comfortable & confident, the heat is turned up, & it isn’t long B4 they’re relishing the taste of each other’s pussies. Although Serene Siren was meant to be teaching Emma Hix the ropes that day, the tables have turned & Serene Siren couldn’t be happier!