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  • F1shkill2020 2 years ago

    – Title: Cherie DeVille & Samantha Rone 【Fighting With Mommy】
    – Studio: AllGirlMassage
    – Synopsis: StepDaughter masseuse Samantha Rone is sitting on her bed beside her Holy Bible. She’s using an an electric massager on her leg, when StepMom Cherie DeVille walks in. The devout Christian matriarch tosses the device aside with distaste & proceeds to lecture the teen on Christian propriety. Cherie DeVille has raised the girl from infancy & tries hard to keep her on the straight & narrow. & now, she fears Samantha Rone is veering from the righteous path with her chosen career. She warns Samantha Rone that a male client wants something more from her, something unbecoming of a lady-like Christian. Samantha Rone reassures her StepMom she’s not interested in men. Samantha Rone’s focused on school for now. Still, Cherie DeVille won’t hear it. She bans her from performing the devil’s work & leaves her room in a huff. But all this drama makes Cherie DeVille curious enough to book her 1st massage. At the spa, Cherie gets undressed & calls out to the masseuse that she’s ready. With her head facing down in the headrest, she doesn’t see that her masseuse is her StepDaughter Samantha Rone. Samantha Rone asks Cherie DeVille if she wouldn’t be more comfortable removing her bra & underwear, but Cherie DeVille feels she isn’t being modest enough. She confides in the masseuse that her StepDaughter is also a massage therapist, but she struggles with giving her approval. The concerned StepMom wants to know if a lot of guys hit on her during work. Samantha Rone reassures her, she mostly works on women. She admits her StepMom doesn’t exactly approve of her career path either. She does encounter a lot of skin, but she’s desensitized by now. While Samantha Rone is working the muscles in her back, she asks if Cherie DeVille works out, since her body is so fit. She finds a knot in her glutes & Cherie DeVille let’s her palpate it for a few moments. Cherie DeVille begins to feel more comfortable letting the masseuse unhook her brea & slip off her panties, especially if it’s the norm. Samantha Rone gets on the table & massages her back & bubble butt. But then, she daringly sticks her hand between Cherie DeVille’s legs & massages her pussy! Cherie DeVille let’s out a moan & reaches her hand back to cup the masseuse’s breast, enjoying the HJ. She turns around & sees it’s Samantha Rone clamoring on top of her! Samantha Rone knows exactly what she’s doing, & she won’t let her StepMom get up. She plants her mouth on Cherie DeVille’s vagina & sucks. Torn between guilt & euphoria, Cherie DeVille tries to stop herself but Samantha Rone makes her cum. The teen strips off her clothes in a hurry & the lesbians embrace. Cherie DeVille tastes herself on Samantha Rone’s mouth. Samantha straddles her pussy over the MILF’s face & Cherie DeVille licks her clit till she convulses. Samantha Rone collapses onto her StepMom’s pussy & the lesbians eat each other in 69. The teen’s pussy squirts all over Cherie DeVille’s face, drowning her in cum. She gives Samantha Rone’s ass a rimming as jets of squirt escape her pussy. The lesbians clutch each other chaotically, tribbing as they cum. Cherie DeVille’s sopping wet with Samantha Rone’s juices when the teen asks to ride her face. Cherie DeVille tells her to squirt in her mouth & Samantha Rone obliges. Cherie DeVille dives between Samantha Rone’s legs & commands her to baptize her with squirt, finally condoning her work. Enjoy!

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