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  • Name 1 year ago

    Alexis Fawx And Khloe Kapri

  • F1shkill2020 1 year ago

    – Title: Alexis Fawx & Khloe Kapri 【Afternoon Special】
    – Studio: MomsBangTeens
    – Synopsis: Khloe Kapri came home early from college along with her Bf and walked on her StepMom (Alexis Fawx), ½-naked ironing in the living room. It was clear she was making a play to get her Bf so Khloe hurried him to her room to keep him out of her. Khloe Kapri began sucking his dick in her area & Alexis Fawx eavesdropped. What she noticed turned her so far, she began rubbing herself while listening in. Alexis Fawx softly opened the doorway & looked on while Khloe Kapri was getting nailed. Her Bf was enthralled by visiting her StepMom watch them fuck that he became mesmerized & she caught wind of it. Needless to say she was pissed! She kicked him out of the area but Alexis Fawx merely hauled him to the shower to fuck him from spite & sheer horniness. Khloe Kapri interrupted them because she had been fed up with her StepMom putting the moves on her Bfs so she was ready to fight for what was rightfully hers. They both fucked him & tried to outdo each other till they eventually even started pleasuring each other