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  • how the hell are such good talent interested in this category of adult entertainment but cant find a single guy to play along ?
    this single monologing wannabe-POV are just a waste of talent and time

    • I hate yapper porn 8 months ago

      Yapper porn. Nothing but a yapping woman with nothing sexual except for trigger words that some people jerk off to.

      Ashley used to do actual sexual scenes, until she realized she could just yap and there’s plenty of morons who will jerk off to her trigger words.

      I hate yapper porn. A waste of time and bandwidth.

    • Bobo Qayoum 8 months ago

      agreed. hate these type of vids where the girl is sexy af but is just dancing around naked.

  • Fan4Ever 8 months ago

    Ashley: Waysss 2Go Babyyy…luv your xxx-solos better u protect self from vd-sick losers 😉
    Keep bring it onnn solo-sxxxy-diva, it makes it surreal 1-0-1….
    Keep cumming 4Meee ~ Mmmwwwaaaahhhhh :*)