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Mother Daughter Porn

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  • F1shkill2020 3 years ago

    – Title: Bella Rose & Kiara Edwards 【My StepMom’s A Freak】
    – Studio: MomsTeachSex
    – Synopsis: Bella Rose knows that her StepMom, Kiara Edwards, is a bit of a sex freak. She uses her vlog to share a few examples. Things start to get freaky when Bella Rose is in the shower & Kiara Edwards just waltzes in. After doing her make-up, Kiara Edwards drops her robe & climbs into the shower with Bella Rose. Bella Rose doesn’t know what to do as Mommy makes sure she’s clean from head to toe. Kiara Edwards soaps Bella Rose up from head to toe, then drops to her knees & goes to work with her magic tongue until her StepDaughter’s moaning. The much more compelling example of Bella Rose’s StepMom’s freakiness, though, is from the day that Bella Rose walks in on Kiara Edwards & her adopted brother, Jay Romero, getting it on. Kiara Edwards is on her hands & knees with Jay buried balls deep in her twat. Jay & Bella Rose R both shocked to see each other, but Kiara Edwards doesn’t care. She just beckons Bella Rose closer & offers for her to join in. Bella Rose’s reluctant at 1st, but eventually the lure of Mama’s tongue is too much to deny. She hikes up her miniskirt & let’s Kiara Edwards start lapping at her twat. Eventually, Bella Rose let’s Kiara Edwards talk her into taking her adopted bro for a ride. Jay’s cock is nice & big as he slides into her. After making sure that Bella Rose’s enjoying herself, Kiara Edwards hops onto her StepDaughter’s face for a pussy ride. Kiara Edwards helps put Jay on his back with Bella Rose riding his cock, then cuddles close to her StepDaughter so she can rub Bella Rose’s clit while guiding the kids in the best of lovemaking. Next up, Kiara Edwards shows Bella Rose how it’s done as she takes Jay’s rough pussy pounding. It’s 1 hell of a show that leaves Bella masturbating as she watches. When the girls R both satisfied, they climb off Jay’s dick & work together to stroke him off in tandem with a sloppy BJ. They keep it up until he blows his load in a double facial that the girls can lick up & swallow.