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  • F1shkill2020 2 years ago

    – Title: Cory Chase & Lexxi Steele 【Giving Up My Virginity 2 StepDad】
    – Studio: BareBackStudios
    – Scene I: Lexxi Steele 【StepDaughter Is Coronavirus Virgin】
    – Scene I Synopsis: I walk in to my living room one afternoon to find my StepDaughter, Lexxi Steele… Crying on the couch! I ask her what’s wrong & she explains to me how she thinks that she’s going to pass away from the Coronavirus because she’s a virgin! “The coronavirus affects everybody; Not just virgins!”… I explain to her. “No, Dad! Everyone at school told me that only virgin’s pass away from it! Can U please help take my virginity so I won’t pass?”… She begs me. She starts to take her shirt & bra off & I can’t believe how big her tits have gotten lately! I want to tell her “No”… But I can already feel my cock getting hard by just looking at her! “Can I blow U 1st?”… She asks me. I tell her that she can do that as long as she keeps this a secret between us! “We’re only doing this for Ur health!”… I tell her. She starts to lick & suck my cock & then she puts my whole cock in her mouth. “U should teach Ur StepMom how to do that!”… I tell her. She hops on top of me & she starts to ride my cock. Her big tits bounce up & down as she rides my cock. She lies down on the couch next & I fuck her tight, virgin pussy in the missionary position. “How does it feel to not be a virgin anymore?”… I ask her. “It feels good knowing that I’m not going to pass away!”… She exclaims. I accidentally cum inside of her pussy, but it’s OK because I know that my wife took our StepDaughter to the doctor to get birth control pills! “Don’t tell Ur StepMom about this!”… I tell her, as I run off to take a shower…
    – Scene II: Lexxi Steele 【StepDaughter is Hot】
    – Scene II Synopsis: “It’s so hot!”… My StepDaughter Lexxi Steele exclaims, as she walks in to my bedroom. She starts to pull her shorts down & she pulls her shirt up as well. “What R U doing?! Ur StepMom is home! U can’t be naked in here!”… I tell her. She tells me that it’s too hot in the house to keep her clothes on. She also insists that we do another quickie, before her StepMom walks back upstairs. Lexxi pulls my hard cock out from under my shorts & she starts to suck my cock. My wife never sucks my cock anymore, so it is very hard for me to resist getting a BJ from my beautiful StepDaughter! “Do U want to fuck me, Daddy?”… she asks me. Of course I do! She lies down in the missionary position on my bed & I start to fuck her tight pussy. “Let me see that cute butt of Urs!”… I tell her. She gets in to the doggy style position & I start to question her about the tattoo that I just found underneath her ass! “When did U get this?!”… I ask her, but she ignores my question! I shove my cock in her pussy from behind & I pull her hair while I fuck her. I flip her back over in to the missionary position & I cum inside of her pussy again! I remind her that she has to keep this a secret between us, because I don’t want her StepMom to find out about us…
    – Scene III: Cory Chase & Lexxi Steele 【StepDaughter Caught With An Embarrassing Orgasm】
    – Scene III Synopsis: Lexxi Steele is masturbating in the living room while moaning “StepDaddy” over & over. Her StepMom, Cory Chase, walks in to the room & she catches our StepDaughter masturbating! “Were U just moaning the name StepDaddy!?”… Cory Chase questions her, “No, Mom!”… Lexxi Steele exclaims. Cory Chase accuses her StepDaughter of fucking me behind her back & Lexxi Steele denies it. Cory Chase leaves the room to go find me. After I watch my wife leave the room, I sneak in to the living room & tell Lexxi Steele to be more careful around the house! She doesn’t listen to me & she pulls her big tits out which makes my cock hard. She pulls my hard cock out & she starts to give me a BJ. “Do U like that, Daddy?”… she asks me. She pulls off all of her clothes & she asks me to fuck her right in the middle of our living room couch! “I just hope we don’t get caught by Ur StepMom!”… I tell her. I tell Lexxi to start rubbing her pussy while I watch her 1st. Then, I start to fuck my StepDaughter in the missionary position. I ask her to turn around & get in to the doggy style position next & her ass looks so perfect from behind! I fuck her pussy from behind while she moans “Fuck me, Daddy!”… She hops on top of me next & I love watching her big tits bounce up & down on top of me. When I get close to cumming, I tell her to get down on her knees & I jerk my cock off in to her mouth & all over her face!
    – Scene IV: Cory Chase & Lexxi Steele 【StepDaughter Asks Who is Tighter】
    – Scene IV Synopsis: Cory Chase & our StepDaughter, Lexxi Steele… R sitting next to each other on our bed. Lexxi Steele is wearing red lingerie & Cory is wearing white lingerie. Lexxi Steele tells her StepMom “When U took my lesbian virginity, it didn’t count! My friends said I need to have a man to take my virginity & that’s the only way I won’t pass from the Coronavirus!”… Cory Chase tells her StepDaughter not to believe everything that she hears. “Can’t U just convince Dad to take my virginity?!”… Lexxi Steele asks her StepMom. Cory Chase calls me into the bedroom & I ask my wife & StepDaughter why they’re both dressed in slutty lingerie! My wife explains to me how my StepDaughter doesn’t want to pass from the coronavirus & she really wants me to take her virginity. “Let’s play a game! Whose pussy is tighter, me or Ur StepDaughter?!”… Cory Chase suggests to me. This is a lose-lose situation & I don’t like it, but I do want to play the game! I also don’t want my StepDaughter to pass from this virus, so I give in! I tell my wife & StepDaughter to get naked, & my wife asks me to fuck her pussy 1st. So, I shove my cock inside of Cory Chase’s pussy 1st while my StepDaughter sits next to us. After a few minutes, I want to fuck my StepDaughter! I have Lexxi lie down on the bed & I fuck her pussy in the missionary position. I fuck her in the doggy style position next while Cory asks Lexxi how it feels. I mostly fuck my StepDaughter’s pussy, but I go back to Cory Chase for a little bit because I don’t want her to be upset with me. When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out of Cory Chase & I jerk my cock off into Lexxi Steele’s mouth.