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  • F1shkill2020 4 years ago

    – Title: Blaten Lee, Stevie Lix, Sydney Hail, & Whitney Morgan 【Mom’s Bad Decisions II】
    – Studio: KarUpsOW
    – Synopsis: Sometimes the wrong choice feels so right..
    – Scene I: Blaten Lee 【Warming Up】
    – Scene I Synopsis: Petite, Blonde Blaten Lee needs to get her oven fixed. The sexy repairman says Blaten will need several new parts. Blaten Lee doesn’t have the money for that, so she asks if they can trade the oven work for sex. The repairman is uneasy about this, but he’s so drawn to Blaten Lee that he can’t turn it down. Watch the repairman pound Blaten Lee on her counter top, in this scene from KarUpsOW.
    – Scene II: Stevie Lix 【Fun With Ex’s Son】 (21:04)
    – Scene II Synopsis: Stevie Lix is lounging at her house in a sexy outfit when she gets an unexpected call, her Ex’s son. He wants to see her, so Stevie Lix invites him over to her place. When he arrives, Stevie Lix’s pussy is already wet. He’s been working out, is tan & looks great. She starts rubbing on his muscles so he starts rubbing on her sexy pussy. Stevie Lix can’t believe she gets to fuck this young stud, in this scene from KarUpsOW.
    – Scene III: Sydney Hail 【Hot 4 Teacher】 (53:54)
    – Scene III Synopsis: Hot blonde MILF Sydney Hail has invited her daughter’s teacher, Mr. Largo… Over to discuss her daughter’s failing grades. Mr. Largo tells Sydney Hail that her daughter’s just not focused, & always seems distracted in class. Sydney Hail knows the problem, it’s that Mr. Largo is incredibly handsome & her daughter must be fantasizing about him all class! She decides to make another arrangement with the hot teacher… If he passes her daughter, Sydney will fuck him! He agrees, & soon Sydney Hail is on her knees & pulling his massive cock out. After a hot BJ, & Sydney Hail stripping out of her tight red dress, they move to the bedroom & have a hot & heavy fuck, with Sydney Hail’s pussy getting pounded in multiple positions B4 getting a face full of cum…
    – Scene IV: Whitney Morgan 【Perks Of Promotion】 (1:39:51)
    – Scene IV Synopsis: Whitney Morgan was up for a promotion & knew she was going to have trouble getting the job because 1 of her co-workers always kissed the boss’s ass. She decided to take a little different tactic by getting in good with the boss’s son. Taking the boss’s son back to her place, she made her move & kissed him while unbuttoning his pants so she could reach in & grab his big cock. Letting their hands explore each other’s bodies, the 2 stripped each other down & made their way to the bed where this sexy, mature babe showed off her very impressive cock sucking skills. Whitney Morgan knew a simple BJ wasn’t going to cut it so she let him drive his big cock deep inside her shaved, tight pussy. Not only was the boss’s son hot, he knows how to fuck so he had Whitney Morgan moaning in seconds as he hammered that pussy in a variety of different positions all over her bed. Getting on her knees, she gripped his dick & jacked him off as he came… Letting him drop his load into her mouth & all but guaranteeing she got the promotion…