Mom Son Porn

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  • Nunya 1 year ago


  • Kylo 1 year ago

    is realism a little too much to ask ? god ! such good talent but all wasted

  • Alan 1 year ago

    I think, that all actors who really can into acting want to be in normal movies instead of porn

    • Kylo 1 year ago

      politely disagree. i never blame the actors. its the production or director that i blame. i mean they pick up a camera and do a ton of work to get that video made but then they do it in just a dumb way that would never really happen in real life.
      i mean whats the point of this genre ? there are naked people everywhere. this genre is about the mindfck !

      • Alan 1 year ago

        Agree. Directors are worst, but! There not so many people like us to complaining about the stupid shit in porn. Most of consumers don’t want something else then naked people in different poses fucking each other. If them would, than market was another and demand was different. And there are some people out there who can do something interesting, like those two videos, and some of WCA:


        >this genre is about the mindfck
        Yep, about the feelings and emotions in the special relationships. But, again it seems like actors neither directors don’t care much about interesting stories, or acting, or just can’t, or it’s too expencive to waste time and trying to get some realistic acting from stupid slut.

        • Alan 1 year ago

          I dream, that one day I will personally direct an incest-porn movie and that will be something special. Or I will simply learn about the fact why the things in porn are so boring now

          • Kylo 1 year ago

            > directing a movie – oh my god ! i keep thinking the same too ! and thats only to show these fckers how to do it right ! hahaha

        • Kylo 1 year ago

          > mom show outfit – hey good call. i dont know how i missed this one. of course, the dead camera and using-fake-props POV are deal breakers though.

          > WCA – yea hes the only guy who for now has come real close to getting it right. others who made pretty good stuff are cockninjastudios and thecockmarket (harper and max) as a production line. but i think both have stopped now.

          you know what i dont get is, why dont these people collaborate ?

          • Alan 1 year ago

            >why dont these people collaborate

            I am sure it’s all about business and competition