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Dad Daughter Porn

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  • F1shkill2020 3 years ago

    – Title: Jenna Reid 【Can I See More】
    – Studio: TrickySpa
    – Synopsis: StepDaughter Jenna Reid asks her StepDad Jack Vegas if it’s alright to go to the mall today… & with no objections, Jack gives her permission. He’s glad that he can have some alone time so surf the internet & masturbate over hot chicks. Unfortunately, Jack’s interrupted as Jenna Reid walks back in, catching him with his pants down, cock exposed. She runs to her bedroom not knowing what her virgin eyes just witnessed. Jack follows her, apologizing for what she saw, explaining that things between him & her Mom aren’t going very well sexually, & this is the only way he can relieve his needs. Jenna feels bad for her StepDad & offers him a massage to relieve him for all his stress. Although Jenna Reid knows Jack’s married to her Mom, she can’t resist to know what it’d be like to watch a man masturbate. She persuades her StepDad to show her how he likes to please himself with images of sexy women & if he doesn’t do exactly what she asks, she’ll tell her Mommy. Jenna Reid wants to see it grow, & pleads with Jack to shove it in her mouth. She loves the feeling of his cock getting bigger in her mouth but she wants more, she wants him to fuck her tight pussy, demanding he fuck her deep & hard, aware that she’s pleasing her Daddy’s cock.