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  • F1shkill2020 3 years ago

    – Title: Jenni Bliss 【Irreversible】
    – Studio: BareBackStudios
    – Scene I: Jenni Bliss 【Telling Secrets】
    – Scene I Synopsis: Jenni Bliss dressed in her new cute little outfit is sitting on the couch when her StepDad comes in to yell at her. Jenni Bliss’s parents are getting a divorce because she told her Mom that StepDad was cheating. StepDad’s pissed off and begins to spank her. He pulls off her panties to find her wearing a butt plug. “What is that!”… He screams. Jenni Bliss tries to explain but he thinks she’s a whore.He pulls up her shirt & takes off her panties B4 making her suck his dick. “I’m Sorry”… She says her mouth being fucked. He commands her on the couch & on her hands & knees as she sucks her StepDad. Holding her head tight he cums in her hot little sucking mouth. Swallow it He tells her and gasping for air she drinks him down.
    – Scene II: Jenni Bliss 【Being Honest】
    – Scene II Synopsis: Jenni Bliss is told to stay on the couch & waits for her StepDad to come back for her. “I’m Sorry”… She says in tears. He takes out her whoreish butt plug & thrusts his dick inside her tight ass. Jenni Bliss cries out in pain & pleasure. He makes her get on top of him & fucks her in the ass. She bounces like a good girl letting him use her. With shuttering breaths, Jenni Bliss is fucked until her StepDad cums into her ass. “Oh, My God!”… She screams running to the bathroom, feeling the warm cum inside her.
    – Scene III: Jenni Bliss 【Late Night Punishment】
    – Scene III Synopsis: After a long day of being used by her StepBrother & StepDad… Jenni Bliss is sound resting. Her StepDad comes into her room & pulls off her tight panties & wakes her with his dick in her mouth. She moans at sucking him off. “Oh, Daddy”… She breaths as he fucks her tight pussy. He holds her mouth so she won’t scream & wake Mom as he plows into her. He switches from her tight pussy to her tight ass & makes Jenni Bliss quiver. “Please… Daddy… It hurts”… She moans. He brings her to her knees to suck his dirty cock & open her mouth for his cum. “Daddy… Do I have to?”… she asks as he cums onto her face with her blue eyes looking up at him. “I’ve learned my lesson… Daddy”… She says.
    ***Exclusive Jenni Bliss’s 1st Anal Clip***