Mother Daughter Porn

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  • F1shkill2020 2 years ago

    – Title: Jessie Saint & Vera King (A.K.A Lexi Foxy) 【Kiss & Make-Up 4 Mother’s Day】
    – Studio: MomsTeachSex
    – Synopsis: “No… I’ll be pregnant!”… She shouted, & began to toss again. “No one has gotten pregnant in the ass yet!” I laughed, but Jessie Saint was stuck on my stick in surprise. It wasn’t until a moment later, that she slipped out of it to drain what I had pumped into her. “So how did you like it?” Vera King (A.K.A Lexi Foxy) hugged her again. “Well, I don’t know… It hurt at 1st, but then I started to like it quite a bit!” Jessie Saint replied in surprise. Like the pinnacle of sex. they felt sensual kissing. But they tried to hide from being in sight. They walked together in fields & meadows, only to escape prying eyes. They stopped & pressed their lips together. Their tongues intertwined until they almost knotted.