Mother Daughter Porn

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  • F1shkill2020 1 year ago

    – Title: Lexi Lore & Sarah Vandella 【Mommy’s Private Time】
    – Studio: MommysGirl
    – Synopsis: Sarah Vandella is sprawled out, naked & comfortable, in bed with her favorite vibrator in hand… It’s been SO LONG since she’s had some alone time & she’s going to enjoy every second of it! But her pleasure is short-lived when her StepDaughter, Lexi Lore, bounces her way in… Completely oblivious to her masturbating! Sarah Vandella quickly throws the vibrator under the pillow & buries herself in the blankets, though Lexi doesn’t seem bothered at all as she flops down on the bed with her. Sarah Vandella is annoyed, telling Lexi Lore that she was TRYING to have a… NAP… & that it would’ve been nice if she’d knocked before barging in. Lexi Lore doesn’t quite buy this, curious & suspicious about why Sarah Vandella’s napping naked in the middle of the day! When the vibrator accidentally goes off, the jig is up. When Lexi Lore starts bombarding Sarah Vandella with questions, Sarah Vandella’s at a loss until Lexi sadly admits that her real Mom never taught her about masturbation. She really has no idea how to take care of herself in that way! Although Sarah Vandella is still weirded out, she’s sympathetic & agrees to give Lexi Lore a lesson… As long as she knocks from now on! Once Lexi Lore eagerly agrees, Sarah Vandella sits back & spreads her legs, showing off her pussy. She grabs the vibrator & starts masturbating, walking Lexi Lore calmly through the process. Since Lexi Lore is fascinated & wants to learn more, Sarah Vandella soon hands the vibrator off to her. Once Sarah Vandella teaches her the basics, she tries to shoo Lexi Lore away but Lexi Lore wants to learn MORE! Since Lexi Lore promises to FINALLY give Sarah Vandella some peace if they have sex, Sarah Vandella gives in… As Sarah Vandella teaches Lexi Lore the joys of lesbian sex & taking care of herself, all she can hope is that it’ll be enough. Sure, this is fun… But she still needs private time to herself, too!